Greek Accountant is a service provided Link Consulting SA is one of the leading independent accounting firms in Greece, established and operating in privately owned facilities in Thessaloniki. Since 1990 Link supports business development providing high quality level services with responsibility and consistency.

We provide a wide range of Accounting- Tax and Financial & Training services to Greek or international clients, aiming to excel in all aspects of our services.

Experienced accountants and tax consultants having in-depth knowledge of the Greek tax legislation, local regulations, payroll processing, Greek and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles implement customized solutions adapted to the needs of our international clients.

knowledge is power

At Link Consulting we believe that “Knowledge is power”. The phrase belongs to the philosopher Francis Bacon, who founded the concept of science and fought to bring Europe out of the intellectual Middle Ages…

Link Consulting’s seminar programs have a particularly broad theme that focuses on the fields of Accounting – Taxation and Financial knowledge and practice. Our programs are enriched with Marketing, Management, Sales, Quality and Company Organization / Management topics and provide a complete package of knowledge for the modern professional.

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our team

Konstantinos Ekatos

Economist – Tax Advisor Specialist

Founder and CEO of Link Consulting SA

Maria Chasekidou

Marketing Manager

Seminar lecturer for Digital Marketing

Domna Kaltzidou

Accountant – Payroll Specialist

Seminar lecturer for Payroll

Mina Misyrli

Economist – Business Development Consultant

Seminar lecturer for Business Development


Our vision is to develop a business hub to provide integrated financial consulting services for the innovative businessman, fulfilling not only current needs but also special demands.

Our goal is to ensure constantly valid and quality financial knowledge.