Accounting Services for Business in Greece

Outsourcing bookkeeping services

  • Complete monitoring of the accounting department, both on your premises or our offices
  • Full implementation of the accounting pattern covering the business informational needs
  • Accounting tables’ composition, fully complied with the existing legislation
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Set up/ simplification of accounting systems
  • Drafting of Budgets and Financial Statements
  • Handling of public sector’s bureaucratic transactions (Tax Authorities, Actuarial Companies, Prefectures and Chambers)
  • Drafting and submission of tax returns (income, V.A.T., withholding taxes etc.)
  • SME Support

Accounting for non-profit organizations

We provide integrated bookkeeping and accounting support for non profit organizations. In addition, we specialize in the tax features of these organizations, such as:

  • Income taxation
  • VAT return issues
  • Donations and sponsorships
  • Donation taxation and relevant tax stamps
  • Tax monitoring of the income from conventions, bazaars and various events.
  • Nonprofit organizations’ tax obligations in compliance with the Greek Accounting Standards.

Supervision of Accounting Department

  • Reorganization of accounting department with innovative information technology systems
  • Full implementation of the accounting pattern covering the business informational needs
  • Accounting personnel training (seminars covering accounting, taxing and labor issues)
  • Evaluation of the internal accounting department and optimization
  • Accounting software suggestion relevant to the business needs
  • Frequently tax legislation updates that influence the business operation
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Supporting any regular or special audit by any tax authority.
  • Management’s update every three months about the business’ financial data using profit & loss statement and balance sheet statement.

Internal Audit of the Accounting Department

Internal audit is a useful tool for the innovative businessman and a feedback for the stakeholders. The internal audit minimizes and prevents the failures and at the same time supports the accounting department’s executives in order to be more efficient and competitive.

The preparation and the methodology/ policy include the following:

  • Schedule of the auditing fields (indicative fields: archiving, accounting software, invoicing, etc.)
  • Preparation and starting up the audit
  • Planning the audit procedure in steps
  • Internal audit policy
  • Implementation and feedback