Payroll Management for Greek Companies

Integrated Payroll Management

  • Preparation of all necessary monthly payroll statements and detailed individual remuneration slips of the personnel
  • Issuing of accounting records in electronic or hard copy form and updating of your company’s accounting books
  • Mailing of file to the bank for the deposit of the salaries to the individual accounts of the employees
  • Payroll cost analysis per professional category (i.e. employees receiving salary/ daily or hourly wage), geographical position, cost centre, department, etc. tailored to your needs
  • Preparation and submission to the Labor Inspection Authority of relevant reports as per law
  • Drafting and submission to Manpower Organization of termination documents
  • Drafting and filing to the tax authorities of the return for the payment of tax on the severance package
  • Monitoring of Collective Employment Agreements and comparison with the salaries paid / budgeted
  • Drafting and submission of necessary social security contributions statements of all main and supplementary funds
  • Issuance of certificates regarding social security contributions and salaries of employees until the issuance of the relevant computerized records
  • Support on the procedure for the payment of social security contributions of all social security funds. Issuance of social security clearance whenever needed
  • Registration procedure with IKA and issuing of Book for newly-hired Personnel in case of change of seat or establishment of branch

Payroll Budgeting

  • Drafting of budget for payroll cost for the current or the forthcoming year
  • Estimation of personnel compensation amounts as per the company’s needs
  • Preparation of statements including the withholding tax on the compensation amounts
  • Support on the procedure for the refund of the employer’s contribution 0,45 on professional training programs of Manpower Organization
  • Specialized process of payroll for expatriates or executives

Advice on labor legislation issues

  • Audit Support by the Greek authorities (IKA, Labor Inspectorate etc)
  • Update and advice for the businessman and the accounting executives relevant to current labor legislation changes

Administrative support of HR Departments

  • Management of data concerning leaves, sickness and training programs
  • Management of personnel statistics
  • Management of attendance records and shift schedules
  • Management of personnel records
  • Support in the selection procedures for small and medium-sized companies
  • Support in the preparation of the budget regarding the personnel of small and medium-sized companies

Diagnostic payroll audit

Following our diagnostic audit you will be provided with a detailed report regarding:

  • The organization of your payroll department
  • The calculation of the amounts corresponding to the social security contributions and the withholding tax on salaries
  • The conclusion of individual employment contracts as per law
  • The compliance with the applicable Collective Employment Agreements setting the minimum salaries and wages
  • The compliance with the provisions regarding benefits, time schedule and overtimes
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